Why Choose Hms365cloud?

HMS365cloud is fully online web based software. The information is available anytime, anywhere.

HMS365cloud is powerful, flexible, and easy to use and is designed and developed to deliver real conceivable benefits to hospitals and clinics.

HMS365cloud is designed for small and mid-size hospitals and clinics, individual doctors, physicians as well as Multi-Specialty Hospitals, to cover a wide range of hospital administration and management processes.

It is an integrated end-to-end Hospital Management System that provides relevant information across the hospital to support effective decision making for patient care, hospital administration and critical financial accounting, in a seamless flow.

HMS365cloud is a software product suite designed to improve the quality and management of clinical care and hospital health care management in the areas of clinical process analysis and activity-based costing.

System provides the benefits of streamlined operations, enhanced administration and control, improved response to patient care, cost control, and improved profitability. HMS365cloud enables you to develop your organization and improve its effectiveness and quality of work. Managing the key processes efficiently is critical to the success of the hospital helps you manage your processes.


Innumerable features that are very sensitive to the needs of hospitals. Seemingly negligible yet sensitive factors become an organizational and planning challenge.

Patient Record


This Patient records feature of the system will enable the medical staff to keep account of the number of in-patients, and out-patients, and the number of beds available in word. Patient registrations and admissions...

Pharmacy Information System

Pharmacy Information

Starting stocks provision will be available into the pharmacy information system.Purchase of drugs can be either vendor purchase through purchase order or open purchase from the market.Information of all supplied...

In-Patient Service

In - Patient

Handling of various In-Patient services is a highly critical in any hospital. Our hms365cloud package handles the various functionalties of In-Patient Management including tasks like Unique Medical Number Assignment, Patient Data,...

Out-Patient Service

Out - Patient

We handles the entire requirement of a hospital for various types of functions including registration, appointments consultation and billing management. A highly flexible user interface has been designed, with high level access control for...

Operation Theater


Facilitates of advance Operation Theater booking.Maintain Operation Ttheater Start Time and End Time.Clinical Orders Entry, Surgical Consumables/ Disposables & Medicine Request Entry.
Maintain record of Operation Theater details like: new born...

Patient Record Maintenance

Patient Record

Hms365cloud system maintains a detail record of each patient who will be admitted to the hospital. The patient case papers will be generated automatically and it will be maintained in proper format. When a regular patient would be visit hospital his/her complete...


Hms365cloud has a wide feature index and its billing capabilities have helped many hospitals in an organized manner. Here are some of the most important features of the leading healthcare software.


Every patients who visits the hospital they compolsory registered prior to getting any consulation, treatment or investigations done. Registration`s of
patients are...


When a patient comes to the hospital for outpatient treatment for the first time, a new registration number is generated. Personal details, such as name, gender, address...


Administrative Rights Management System includes all rights of management including administration and HR. This system will help in updating the inventory...


Lab Test System carry complete details of the test services that are available
in the hospital such as X-ray, CBC test, and blood test and different


Effective management of stocks such as syringes, scheduled drugs, dressing and oxygen cylinders, are kept. Maintain an updated record of purchase orders, delivery data, MRN,...


hms365cloud hospital management system enables healthcare facilities to increase operational efficiency and service quality by streamlining queue management and reducing...


Easy Access to patient data

A well-implemented Hospital Information Software means readily available patient data to the care providers. It is only a matter of few clicks and all the requisite information about a patient, from various departments in the hospital, can be available on the screen. If the treating doctor needs to re-check the test reports of a patient, she need not go looking for the IPD file; logging into the Hospital Information Software will give her instant access to those reports and timely treatment decisions ensue.

Improved patient care

Improve the access of patient data and improved work efficiency means better and faster clinical decisions. In this age of evidence based medicine, the faster the clinician gets the diagnostic reports and the quicker her orders are implemented the faster is the patient recovery and the better it is on the patient care index. With automation, all departments in the hospitals are inter-connected and the faster information access further improves the quality of patient care and the resultant bed turnover in the hospital.

Establish your hospital as technically advanced

When hospital was managed by new-age hospital management system, it gets established as a modern and techno-savvy medical center. It is highly important in the fiercely competitive modern world that your hospital has a good reputation. Today, people rely on computerized systems more than manual ones. It creates a high level of trust in the systems and processes. Also, it is possible to maintain connectivity with patients and peripheral systems if the operations are managed using automated systems.

Support growth strategy

Each and every hospital`s growth strategies may be consist of adding new specialization, increase facilities, partner with catering to worldwide clients, professional doctors, branching out to other locations and many others. To deal these increase projects, you require proper orchestration of operations and a robust system which in scalable. Our idea about out hospital ERP software is scalable enough to accommodate addition of new outlet, departments, users, branches, etc.

Mobile Application

Hms365cloud the Medical ERP, boxes a fully integrated state of art Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) for mid-size to large hospitals.


Account Management

Accounts Management module keeps all the records of purchase, expenses, payments etc. Under this module receipts can be imported directly from OPD and IPD department.


All provided services should be chosen at once and also the visitors’ payment amount should be automatically calculated in the program when making an appointment.

O.T. scheduling

Operation theater module caters to the scheduling of operation theaters, surgery team, patient tracking, operation theater consumable management, accounting and Operation theater roster and notes with Death and Birth certificates.


An organized OPD for handling large number of patients to be attended by multiple Doctors in an OPD. The complete cycle of an effective OPD from Registration, Patient History, Patient Diagnosis, and Prescription etc. is stored and managed effectively.


Nursing or Ward staffs and facilitates them to manage their wards on a floor. This module offers hospitals with the ability to effectively monitor bed availability, hence decreasing patient wait time.


Complete Inpatient Management Module that manages all your hospital inpatient functionality from Patient registration to the billing with a complete tracking of Patient records.

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